Paul W. Smith, CCHt

Paul Smith Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapist
Email: paul@mindscanchange.com

I am the hypnotherapist at Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy. I grew up in Salinas, CA and I graduated from North Salinas High School in 1983. When I was nineteen, I went on a mission in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is also where my family came from. I loved going to Scotland and learning where my family came from and teaching others what I strongly believe in.

In 2005, I graduated from the Day of Miracles School of Integrated Healing. I received my Masters of Hypnotherapy and my Complete Transformation Hypnotherapist certificate when I graduated. I completed training and received my Puffed Enough (smoking cessation) and Medical Hypnotherapist certificates in 2006. I obtained my SLIMR Mental Gastric Band certificate in 2010.

My main goal in life and what I enjoy doing most is helping people feel refreshed and at peace in mind, body and spirit.

Sherry L. Soderberg, LMA

Sherry Mind Over Matter Health Coach
Email: sherry@mindscanchange.com.com

I am the Health Coach and Aqua Chi administer. I have been studying nutrition for 20 years. I worked for diet center for 10 years as a counselor and manager.  I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I have been operating the Aqua Chi equipment for over 6 years. I believe you have to keep body and mind refreshed in order to cope with the stress that comes from living life day to day.

I am married. I have five children and thirteen grandchildren.  My Grandchildren light up my life.

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