Have you found making deep and lasting changes in your life difficult? Then you will be thrilled to learn that with hypnotherapy, change is surprisingly easy! You can create the life you want using the power of your subconscious mind to release stress, trauma, beliefs and more. All of your experiences and information reside in your subconscious, so when you bring new information to your subconscious, it works to help you change.

Hypnotherapy has been used for years as a change agent and the American Medical Association supports its use. You are fully aware of what you are experiencing and you cannot do anything against your moral code. When you change your subconscious memories, your life flows more easily. See what hundreds of Hypnotherapy clients in the Salt Lake City area already know! Hypnotherapy works, and anyone can do it!

The term “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word hypnos, meaning “sleep.” Hypnotherapists use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness. A person in a deeply focused state is unusually responsive to an idea or image, but this does not mean that a hypnotist can control the person’s mind and free will. On the contrary, hypnosis can actually teach people how to master their own states of awareness. By doing so they can affect their own bodily functions and psychological responses.

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